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HIV/AIDS is one of the main challenges to development in Africa, especially Sub-Saharan Africa. ADC has joined hands with dozens of local non-governmental organizations in several African countries to fight the battle against HIV/AIDS. ADC is a PEPFAR partner in Uganda, where we have expanded our traditional volunteer model to include local Ugandan volunteers as peer HIV counselors. The capacity building of local organizations is integral to the program. The models and best practices implemented by ADC can be appropriately adapted in other countries in this region. Our work in HIV/AIDS offers benefits to various stakeholders including those affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS through key elements:

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Youth Outreach and Awareness
ADC implements an extensive Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign through the media, schools, and community organized events. In Uganda, over 300,000 youth have been reached through this campaign, which includes three HIV workshops in ABC, Anti-Stigma, and Living Positively with HIV.

Voluntary Counseling & Testing
ADC conducts age-appropriate pre and post-test HIV counseling & testing services at both stationery centers and mobile clinics. ADC staff make appropriate medical referrals for STI’s, opportunistic infections, and ARV’s if necessary. Ongoing support groups for HIV positive persons and their partners and families are formed and supported by ADC.

VCT Counselor Training
ADC trains new VCT counselors who attend an intensive four-week course, followed by six months of supervised practical experience at the VCT Centers & Mobile Clinics.

Monitoring & Evaluation
ADC has developed a monitoring & evaluation system to measure the impact of its prevention and VCT activities, and measure the knowledge, attitudes and practices of beneficiaries.

NGO Capacity Building
ADC helps to increase the institutional capacity of local partners to support successful HIV/ AIDS programs by sharing knowledge through training regarding VCT center management, the effective utilization of Monitoring and Evaluation tools, the establishment of financial systems and the implementation of culturally sensitive IEC and social marketing campaigns for HIV/AIDS.

Africa Development Corps HIV/AIDS programs
Africa Development Corps has been a strong advocate in the battle against HIV/AIDS in Africa over the past two decades. Africa Development Corps’s work with vulnerable groups such as youth, internally displaced persons, refugees, and ex-combatants underscores the importance of our work in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Africa Development Corps has considerable experience designing and implementing Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) programs. These programs are bolstered by an IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) campaign which includes radio ads, posters, billboards, drama groups and ABC, Anti-Stigma and Living Positively with HIV workshops.

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