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Tanzania at a Glance

Although a peaceful and stable country, Tanzania is hardly better developed than its war-afflicted African counterparts due to years of unsuccessful economic and political policies.  One-party rule and state control of the economy, including President Nyerere’s failed policy of “ujamaa” (nationalization of major sectors and sharing of agricultural production), maintained a degree of equality but prevented quick economic growth.  Tanzania also accommodates almost half a million refugees from conflict zones, exacerbating the already existing poverty crisis.  The AIDS epidemic, food shortages, and a lack of infrastructure contribute to the problem.  Now a mixture of donors, foreign governments, and private businesspeople are working to build up Tanzania’s economy and improve the standard of living for its people.


Africa Development Corps in Tanzania

Africa Development Corps has been at work in Tanzania since 1993, providing classic and supported volunteer programs in Moshi and Arusha in order to address many of the nation’s pressing needs.  In partnership with local NGOs, ADC volunteers assist at placements aimed at community development, wildlife preservation, environmental protection, and educational and health services.


More on ADC's Programs in Tanzania

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