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Name of school: Careysburg High School

District: Careysburg

County: Montserrado

Level of school: Junior & Senior High

Number of pupils: 350

Number of teachers: 21

Number of books supplied: 1,990

Number of shelf kits supplied: 8 + 1 lock


Careysburg High School is the only high school in the district and it serves a total of 350 local students.  The school had an established library before they received the books from Africa Development Corps, but it only contained books suitable for students in the junior grades.


On arrival of the 1,990 books in September 2007 Mrs. Theodoria Sherman, Registrar, exclaimed "I am so happy to see educational materials for the senior high session, this means my students will not need to travel miles anymore to find text books." The books that were given to the school covered all of the core junior and senior subjects - math, science, language arts and social studies - along with novels and general interest books.


Two students spoke on behalf of the students in the senior grades. Frederick Nyemah in Grade 12 explained, "I frequently traveled by commercial car to district number seven to borrow literature books, but now we have the books in our own library.  For my last assignment I used a book called 'Literature Language' by Zernstein and published by McDougal Little Company." Grace Davis, also a student in Grade 12, agreed, "I used to walk to Bensonville to use the library there, it's a long way. I've just found 'Chemistry in Context Study Guide & Solution: Manual Organic Chemistry' published by Prentice Hall amongst the new books and I'm going to use it to do my chemistry assignment."


More recently, the school has been supplied with a lock and eight shelf kits.  These are comprised of planks of wood, nails, varnish, glue and sandpaper.  It is then the school's responsibility to construct the shelves to their own design.  Without these materials, many schools are unable to display all of the books that they have and the books are not properly utilized.  Mrs. Theodoria Sherman, Registrar, said, "The extra shelves have really enabled us to get the library set up properly, we've been able to organize the books by subject and grade and all the books fit on the shelves."


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