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Children in TanzaniaHilary Stanek, an American who is a student at the University of Oregon, double majoring in Senior Family and Human Services and Theatre Arts, was a VIA classic volunteer in Tanzania from September-December 2011. She was a volunteer educator at Shinda Basic School (SBS) in the city of Arusha. Shinda Basic School was established in 2000 to provide quality education to children of low-income families. The Shinda Basic School not only provides education for low income youth, but also contributes to community development projects such as the advancement of adult literacy, health and environmental awareness, family planning and self-employment alternatives.

Hilary volunteered as a teaching assistant for both the primary and secondary classes. She was one of the best volunteers that Shinda Basic School ever had.  A .D. Moshy, Shinda Basic School Manager, had this to say about Hilary's work at SBS:


"Hilary was always punctual. She was liked by pupils and otherPrimary Grounds Tanzania teachers. Her teaching was comprehensible by all levels (Prep and higher classes). She had the ability to see deficiencies in the school, and managed to get 6 footballs for the school. She sympathized with the neediest pupils and desired to take their burden. She raised Tshs (Tanzanian Currency) 4,036,400/= apart from postage charges (US$2531.76)."


Hilary is one of several VIA volunteers that have worked at Shinda Basic School over the past several years. Visions in Action has placed over 150 long-term, skilled volunteers in Arusha and Moshi Tanzania for nearly 20 years, since 1993. Volunteers have worked in the fields of education, social work, public health, microfinance and agriculture.


Has Hilary's experience inspired you to make a difference? If so please take a look at the supported volunteer opportunities in Liberia, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania on our website


In peace and justice,

The VIA Team

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