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"What I have learned during my time at CAMPO could not be summarized in a hundred pages. I have learned about culture, economy, environment, gender relations, politics, power, health, infrastructure, services and religion in indigenous communities. I have learned about the internal politics of NGOs in Oaxaca, tricks of the trade in the constant search for funding, how to get along with a sometimes tempermental boss. I have also learned about alternative ways of looking at human rights and the value of consulting the people most directly affected by development policies and truly listening to their input."

Maureen Keffer, Mexico 2004


"When I got dropped off at my family's house (homestay) I greeted them and the first thing they said to me was that I was welcome there and was now part of the family. I now have a mother, grandmother, brother and about 100 other family members here in South Africa whom I know will take care of me and spend time with me the entire duration of my trip and for the rest of my life."

Carrie Zastrow, South Africa 2003


"I am really enjoying my experience here in Tanzania, and feel fortunate to have made these new relationships. I have Visions to thank for all of this. And I absolutely LOVE that Visions gave me the freedom to find exactly the job I wanted, which is, in my mind, their best feature."

Steve Jordan, Tanzania 2002-2003

"Words cannot describe the feeling I have about the people I met and worked with during my stay. My volunteer service was more than I expected."

Audra Dimambro, Tanzania 2002-2003


"I don't think I could live with a better group of volunteers and I am continually grateful for their friendship. Work provides me with many challenges, not only in tasks, but in learning to work for an indigenous organization. I am the only non-Ugandan in my office, which is teaching me much about the culture and relationships among people. I have found that living in another culture can be frustrating and amazing at the same time."

Mandi Larsen, Uganda 1999


"Here, in Uganda, people are very friendly and easily give you this beautiful smile that illuminates their faces! I only have to say Webale nnyo!, which means thank you in Luganda, and I am automatically greeted with a smile! It is really a great experience and I learn from them as much as they learn from me."

Annie Pageau, Uganda 1999

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