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If you are like most Africa Development Corps volunteers, the most daunting obstacle to realizing your goal of volunteering abroad is raising money to cover the expenses of the program. Below are some suggestions of how to pursue funding.



University of Wisconsin: An excellent resource for students. If you are not a UW student, click on "Fundraising for Individuals"


Michigan State University: Click on "External Funding Websites"

Stanford University: A bank of grants and fellowships for persons studying or volunteering in Africa.


The Foundation Center: The Foundation Center offers great advice and tools for individuals seeking financial assistance for their volunteer missions. Click on "For Individual Grantseekers." Discussion Board: A discussion board for Fundfundraising ideas.


The Levinson Foundation: This foundation makes grants to individuals committed to developing a more humane and rewarding society. The foundation supports a wide range of international development and the application is simple.


Institute of International Education: This website has descriptions and applications of different Fulbright scholarships and grants.


The American Association of University Women: This organization offers grants and financial aid to women helping women in the international community.


The Patrick Stewart Human Rights Scholarship: Open to students studying abroad who are interested in hands-on, practical human rights experience.


The J.W. Saxe Fund: Provides financial assistance to persons interested in conducting a project related to public service. Preference is given to persons who already have a place in an existing project or persons who create their own project

International Education Financial Aid: An organization that helps students find financial assistance for study abroad and volunteer programs. This website has a search engine to help you find the financial aid that is right for your program.


When applying for grants or fellowships, make sure that your objective/mission is clear and specific. Check out these websites for tips:


Feel free to call our office and speak to one of our staff members about how to get funded!



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